Well over five years ago a wind farm consultant knocked on our door to inform us that a massive wind farm was planned in close proximity right in front of our bedroom window. We soon learnt that there is no compensation for loss of value or unsaleability of affected properties since the Wind Industry, disgracefully backed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, claims a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' survey carried out in 2007 at two small wind farms in Cornwall (16 turbines of 57 metres at Bear's Down wind farm and 11 turbines of 48 metres at St Breock, compared with 'our' wind farm of 62 turbines, 146.5 metres high!) proves that there is no adverse impact on the value of properties 'in view of' wind turbines! 

Please download here my letter to the RICS, their reply to me as well as their letter to the Secretary of Energy and Climate Change himself which leaves little doubt that the Industry's and the DECC's interpretation of the 2007 RICS survey is disgracefully flawed.

Tim Wainwright RICS.pdf
Tim Wainwright RICS reply.pdf
RICS Letter to SoS for Energy.pdf

To add insult to injury, the villages around the proposed wind farm, which, for the greater part, will not hear or see a single turbine, are in for a hand out of up to £20,000,000 should the project be given the go-ahead!
In April of 2009 we first put our beloved home of 36 years on the market and had viewer after viewer telling us that this was precisely what they had been searching for for many years. If it had not been for the proposed wind farm project we could have sold our house within twenty-four hours to the very first viewer!  But none of these potential buyers had any wish to move to such an idyllic and remote location to be faced with close proximity to giant wind turbines. I sent the Department of Energy and Climate Change well over 40 documents, testimonies from Estate Agents and from affected residents, which left absolutely no doubt that close proximity to (proposed) wind turbines can seriously devalue a property, in some cases rendering it completely unsaleable. Despite such clear and irrefutable evidence from myself as well as from many other affected residents, the DECC persists in their atrociously disingenuous claim that they 'have yet to see any compelling evidence that the proximity of wind turbines adversely affects house prices.’ This includes a personal reply to our MP from the Secretary of Energy and Climate Change himself!
So without the slightest fear of prosecution, as I have clear and irrefutable proof that such a serious allegation is entirely justified, I can claim that the DECC, including the Secretary of Energy and Climate Change himself, quite deliberately ignore all evidence presented to them of property devaluation from close proximity to (projected) wind turbines and are not averse to wholly perverting the facts about the adverse impact close proximity to wind turbines can have on property values. 

We are now in the untenable situation where we should no longer be living in such a remote location. My wife has recently undergone major surgery and is having chemotherapy. But unless we can somehow defeat this application (which is most unlikely since the final decision for over 50MW projects lies with the Secretary of Energy and Climate Change himself) we are stuck here forever. We shall not be able to move from here until maybe one day one of us breaks a hip or something and Social Services is forced to deposit us in an Old People's Home where we'll become totally dependent on the State for our remaining years! 

It seems that we, and other affected residents all over the UK, have no chance of receiving justice... unless enough MPs are honest enough to concede that the way residents such as ourselves are treated is indeed a disgrace, and are brave enough to put massive pressure on the Secretary for Energy and Climate Change to force him either to introduce a decent compensation scheme, such as is in place in countries such as Denmark, or by introducing proper bufferzones of at least 1.5km to give such residents the protection they are entitled to!
Please click here to view, download and print my draft objection document. If you are faced with a similar predicament, do send an email to the DECC at correspondence@decc.gsi.gov.uk, but don't forget to Cc in your own MP and please Cc me in too at  info@windfarmvictims.org.uk. Even if you are not personally affected but agree that residents in close proximity to present day giant wind turbines don't deserve such indecent treatment as they get from the Industry and the DECC, please write to your MP and the DECC too! 

For more photo-montages of the proposed Nant y moch wind farm project click: http://www.cambrian-mountains.co.uk/nantymoch-windfarm-photo-montage-index.htm . See also: http://www.nonantymochwindfarm.co.uk

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